Cargonizer API Documentation

Logistra Cargonizer is used by thousands of companies and is one of the leading providers for freight related EDI solutions in Norway. The Cargonizer API allows you to programmatically interact with the Cargonizer service, which in turn can generate EDI, and print labels and other freight documentation, for hundreds of carriers. It is an HTTP REST interface divided into distinct resources, each documented separately. Data exchange is done with XML, but we might support other formats in the future.




Workflow, getting started


Our API and test server, Sandbox, is available for all developers for free, and in order to start your development you might want a test account here. Our development environment includes all carriers with dummy freight agreements. Please follow the link below to get your account. After a short while we will have created your account and you will have received your username and password.


Postman is a third party app which can be used for easy validating your API requests and resources. We have created a collection which covers most parts of our API here and this tool might be useful in your initial development.

This Postman Collection run towards our live environment ( Make sure to change your endpoint to if your account is located in our test environment (Sandbox) when testing your own requests.

Logistra AS is not affiliated with Postman in any way. Please contact Postman directly if you encounter any issues using this application.





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