Pickup Points

Some products require you to add another party to the consignment referred to as a pick-up point or service-partner. This resource allows you to get a list of pick-up points for a given area.

  • Requires authentication: Yes
  • Requires sender ID: No

Endpoint URL


Getting a list of pick-up points

To get a list of pick-up points, perform a GET request on the endpoint URL. You must include three parameters, COUNTRY, POSTCODE and CARRIER. These must be passed through the URL query string or HTTP body using application/x-www-form-urlencoded

The country and postcode are usually the same as the consignee's.

The carrier parameter is used as follows:

To get a list of PostNord pick-up points use the carrier paramter postnord
To get a list of Bring pick-up points use the carrier parameter bring
To get a list of helthjem pick-up points use the carrier parameter helthjem


Getting pick-up points as XML
curl -g -XGET -H'X-Cargonizer-Key: 12345' 'https://cargonizer.no/service_partners.xml?country=NO&postcode=1337&carrier=postnord'
GET /service_partners.xml?country=NO&postcode=1337&carrier=postnord HTTP/1.1 Host: cargonizer.no X-Cargonizer-Key: 12345
http = new HTTPRequest(); http.method = 'GET'; http.url = 'https://cargonizer.no/service_partners.xml?country=NO&postcode=1337&carrier=postnord'; http.queryStringParameters.set('country', 'NO'); http.queryStringParameters.set('postcode', '1337'); http.headers.add('X-Cargonizer-Key', '12345'); response = http.execute();

Returned XML

The returned XML is a list of <service-partner> elements, each representing a single pick-up point address. The <number> value are identifiers used by the carrier to route the consignment to its destination and must be present in the <service-partner> part in your consignment XML.

Example of returned XML

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <id type="integer">86204</id>
  <service-partners type="array">
      <name>RIMI SANDVIKA</name>
      <address1>LEIF TRONSTADPL 7</address1>
      <address2 nil="true"/>
      <name>RIMI GJETTUM</name>
      <address1>DR HØSTSV 2</address1>
      <address2 nil="true"/>




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